Why Choose Us

stools-thWhy choose us? Because we  have  the manufacturing capabilities to create new, or modify existing  items, with the  client involved in the process. Many of these items are varied in their uses and can be viewed in our specialised furniture category.

Why choose us? Because you can personalise your furniture by selecting from our range of optional seats, backs, and arms as well as from a comprehensive range of fabrics, vinyl, and powder coats to enhance the comfort and appearance on our seating.

Why choose us? Because we can  refurbish and reupholster  most items including those made by other manufacturers. This provides you with a new look item at a fraction of the replacement cost. Our own products are made to last which makes them well suited to this life prolonging service.

Why choose us? Because we also  offer a powder coat  painting service for steel items, provided they are of a dimension compatible with our painting unit.

Why choose us? Because our products are crafted with care and pride, and attention to detail and finish. We believe that while our prices are competitive initial price is soon forgotten, but good value is long lasting.

Why choose us? Because our design and quality of furniture means that in the event of a substantial earthquake our furniture would provide protection and could possibly be lifesaving.

Why choose us? Because we are committed to excellence in our products and in our personal service .If we fall short in either of these areas we will make every possible endeavour to put it right!

Why choose us? Because the Warranty on our products is a minimum of TEN YEARS unless otherwise stated. This covers against faulty workmanship or parts but not against scratching, fair wear and tear or fading.

We have every confidence that our products will well outlast the period of Warranty.

Products not manufactured by, but sold by Willgraemes carry the manufacturers’ warranty.


Willgraeme Products Ltd are a 100% New Zealand owned company based In  Wanganui.

We manufacture high quality tubular steel furniture for the domestic and commercial markets and have been in business for more than 60 years.

We specialise in chairs , tables, stools, bar leaners,  tables and  desks, settees and tubs, church and chapel pews and benches. All are suited to the commercial and domestic markets, as well as to the Health and Medical sector.

Willgraeme Ltd
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PO Box 7016, Wanganui

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Email: sales@willgraeme.co.nz