About Us

Willgraeme Products Ltd was established in 1948 and is still owned by the family of the founder, the late Stanley Graham.

Willgraeme enjoy an enviable reputation as manufacturers of high quality steel framed furniture, well suited to commercial and high wear situations.

Like our furniture, our experienced staff are craftspeople of high quality, who have demonstrated their loyalty to the firm with many years of combined service.

We are committed to producing furniture which will endure, unlike many  imported products which have short life cycles.

Environmental Practices:

We maintain a constant awareness of how our practices impact on the environment. We are vigilant about waste minimisation and the raw materials used in our products are procured from sustainable sources and wherever possible, recyclable.


The sustainability of our products is reflected in the large quantities that customers return to us for refurbishment and reupholstering .We use pressed ply in our seating and this far outlasts materials such as particle board used in cheaper products. The steel frames will retain their youth with refurbishment, while offcuts and unused steel is recycled.

Lean manufacturing

We operate according to the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

Our goals are to add value to all interactions with our customers .We have begun the journey and along the way we will make every endeavour to make continuous improvement in our service and in our products.

We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated and are passionate about keeping New Zealanders in work in New Zealand.


Willgraeme Products Ltd are a 100% New Zealand owned company based In  Wanganui.

We manufacture high quality tubular steel furniture for the domestic and commercial markets and have been in business for more than 60 years.

We specialise in chairs , tables, stools, bar leaners,  tables and  desks, settees and tubs, church and chapel pews and benches. All are suited to the commercial and domestic markets, as well as to the Health and Medical sector.

Willgraeme Ltd
129 London St,
PO Box 7016, Wanganui

Phone: (06) 345 7013
Fax: (06) 345 8428

Email: sales@willgraeme.co.nz