We have a wide selection of materials, fabrics and laminates available. A selection of these are shown here. Call us to discuss any customised needs you may have.

Fabric Swatches
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Quantum Fabric Swatches
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Ranger Fabric Samples
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Vinyl Swatches  
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Laminate Swatches
 Formica Laminate Swatches
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Furniture by Category

Willgrame Products have been used by many companies in many fields over the years. Please view our product range to select a type of product you need. As a guide for how adaptable our products are, below is a list of uses we have complied based on our existing client base:

Products by Category

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Dont see your required use listed? No worries - simply call us and we can discuss how our furniture can work for you. As we are the manufacturer we can also customise products to ensure they meet your exact needs.

Why We Are The Best

Willgrame Products are extremely proud of the quality of all of our products. We take great care to ensure you get the best.

Feature of our product Related benefit Comparison with some imported and some NZ manufactured products.

Steel 1.4 &1.6mm thick walls
  • Strength
  • Long lasting
  • Thinner weaker steel tends to bend or pull welds out.
Fully Welded
  • Joins are welded all the way around
  • No gaps
  • If  not welded all the way around the joins tends to crack and break
Paint-Powder Coat
  • Tough, hard wearing
  • Large range of colours
  • Non powder coated surfaces can be thinner and wear faster and chip more easily
(Chair seats& backs)
  • Strong and will hold the screws.
  • Flexible
  • Reusable
  • Many products are made of Particleboard. This is too thin for this application (chairs & backs) and not flexible enough.
  • Screws can come loose and fall out.
  • They are prone to breaking
  • Normally not reusable
Bonded Foam
(Chair seats)
  • Dense foam that keeps its elasticity
  • Keeps it comfort year in and out.
  • Seat keeps it shape
  • Soft or standard foam is commonly used in seating.This loses its elasticity after a while.
  • The seat loses it shape, as foam flattens out.
  • The seat becomes hard and creases appear on side of seat.
Commercial Grade
  • Customer is offered a wide range of choice of colour and styles.
  • High “Rub  Resistant”fabrics.
  • Different blends i.e. Wool, Polypropylene
  • More limited range on offer of
    • Material
    • Colours
    • Styles
    • Range of blends
  • May use retail fabric with low rub resistance.
(High Pressure /Density Laminate) HDL
  • Strong high densiy laminate HDL
  • Hard wearing
  • Large range of colours
  • Large range of styles
  • Good for a large range of surfaces
(High Pressure)
  • Strong
  • Hard wearing
  • Large range of colours
  • Large range of styles
  • Good for a large range of surfaces
(Low Pressure/Density)
Laminate LDL
  • Mainly suited to vertical surfaces
  • but can be used on desks and tables.
  • Large range of colours
  • Large range of styles
  • Cost effective
Heavy duty Tips and Plugs
  • Harder compound
  • Thicker
  • Softer, thinner.
  • Wear quicker.
  • Good quality
  • Wide range
  • Strong holding power
  • Head of screws too soft and can snap.
  • Screws can come loose in wood and fall out.



Please call us if you would like more information on our testimonials.


May 2014

 WillgraemeProducts Ltd has been supplying our University with furniture for over forty years.

During this period they have demonstrated their ability to deliver large or small quantities of furniture within the required time frame.This includes the standard range as well as items they have designed or adapted specifically to our requirements.

Willgraeme has always shown a readiness to listen to and act on our ideas while using their expertise to ensure the finished article is manufactured to the highest possible standard.

The furniture they have manufactured is extremely durable, comfortable, and ergonomically sound.As an example tables and chairs installed in the Library thirty years ago are still in everyday use.The main furniture structure enables us to replace worn components(chair seats and backs, and table tops) to reduce our maintenance costs.

While Willgraeme furniture carries a ten year warranty , this has rarely been needed by us.If,however,any after sales assistance has been required Willgraeme's response has always been immediate and completely satisfactory.

I have no hesitation in recommending Willgraeme Products Ltd as a provider of quality furniture to any prospective buyer.

Yours sincerely


Purchasing Officer



May 2013

Our Community Centre has bought tables and chairs from Willgraeme Products Ltd on a number of occasions over the past 12 years. We have found this company excellent to deal with and have recently replaced 270 chairs with the Regency Archback model and were impressed with the high standard of service, the timely completion of our order and the high quality of the product. We have no hesitation in recommending Willgraeme’s products to others and have made this recommendation to a number of organisations over the years.”


May 2013

Thank you again for the prompt and very supportive service we have had from you and the team. The chairs exceeded all our expectations, they are perfect!
Best wishes from all of us here
Te Ngaehe
Te Whare Aronui o Tuwharetoa


May 2013

Residents and staff at our retirement complex are very pleased with the dining room furniture manufactured by Willgraeme for our 15 resident complex.  We found all aspects of their service excellent.  Their consultation, product satisfaction and follow up service were of the highest standard.








May 2014

 To whom it may concern:

I wish to put forward a personal recommendation for the furniture manufacturing capabilities of Willgraeme Products Ltd of Wanganui.

I am looking forward to working with them on future projects in a design capacity.I have been involved in the international furniture design and manufacturing market for many years and see the potential for Willgraeme Products Ltd to be innovative, and cater for new market sectors.

Kind regards




May 2014

 Our Conference Centre has been purchasing folding tables and Cordova skid base chairs from Willgraeme Products Ltd over a seventeen year period.

All of the original furniture is still in regular use in our busy Conference centre and this is testimony to the quality and durability of Willgraeme's products.

The Cordova chairs provide hours of comfort not often found in Conference chairs and the skid bases allow for ease of movement on carpet floors, as well as stability.

The folding tables have endured years of heavy use as they are designed for strength and durability.

We strongly recommend Willgraeme Furniture manufacturers for their 100% new Zealand made products, and for their top quality service and furniture.

Yours sincerely





May 2014















 Re Willgraeme Furniture:

For over nearly 10 years I have been purchasing Willgraeme Products' seating for our boarding and day houses here at our Hamilton secondary school.

After many years of buying and replacing furniture that, frankly was not up to the task, I was lucky enough to come across Willgraeme products in Wanganui.

They had products that looked to be pretty well bullet proof, and so it proved after I trialled one.It was an immediate success.It was robust enough to handle whatever our boisterous, hormonal, teenaged students could subject it to.

We did ask for a centre leg to be added to the three seater couch, which the team at Willgraeme did willingly and without delay.We now had a product which has become our preferred seating option for our boarding and day houses.

In the intervening ten years , I have purchased at a guess around forty couches and chairs.To my recollection the only maintenance I have had to do, has been some upholstery work.

If their furniture can survive our thirteen to eighteen year olds, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who needs seating for any situation.

Kind regards


Resource Manager











May 2014

 To Whom it may Concern: Re Willgraeme Products Ltd

I am the Owner/Operator of an an award winning Restaurant and Bar in Wanganui.

We  have purchased all of the furniture for our business from Willgraeme Ltd in Wanganui.Bob and Barbara and the team were so helpful and accommodating in ensuring that the products we required were top of the range and suited exactly to our needs.

We required a variety of styles and weight bearing capacity to suit the needs of all of our patrons.We needed strong yet lightweight tables for our Garden Bar area  that our female staff could easily move in and out.Bar Leaners were designed to accommodate patrons of different height including the placement of footrails, as were Bar Stools which were increased or reduced in size to suit larger or smaller patrons.Bob and Barbara also worked with us to design special dining tables and chairs in my favourite colour.Black!

The pricing of these quality products was very competitive and reasonable and I would certainly recommend Willgraeme Ltd to any business or corporate who are considering the purchase of attractive and functional furniture suited to a semi commercial environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Yours sincerely




To Whom it may concern: 

Recently we chose to use the services of Willgraeme's furniture again for our function and conference centre, because of its durabilityand comfort.I was Manager when chairs were sourced from Willgraemes in 1998 for the rebuild of the function centre.These chairs have lasted very well and have, in fact outlasted a number of newer chairs purchased by other managers from other sources in more recent years.

My experience with Willgraemes has been excellent and in subsequent years to 1998 I have purchased their chairs and tables for another function centre I was in partnership with, in the Manawatu.

I have been extremely happy with the service and the products I have purchased throuh Willgraeme and would not go  past them for any future furniture I may require.

Yours sincerely








May 2014

To whom it may concern

I have great pleasure in producing this testimonial to a very quality company and their directors and personnel.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Bob,Mark,and Barbara and their team over the past few years.

We supply furniture to the hospitality industry , and many times the orders are very urgent.

We have clients in all cities throughout New Zealand and the furniture from Willgraeme has always been delivered in very good condition.

Over the past three years we have placed many orders with this company and the product has always been delivered at the time when the client would like it, whether its early morning or later in the day.

The quality of the product has always been of the highest standard , and I have never had any issues.

We have dealt with many suppliers in the past, even from Australiia and I have no hesitation to recommend Willgraeme Products.

Since using Willgraeme three years ago we have never had any reason to use any other supplier.

I have visited their factory and offices in Wanganui and it has always been a delight to meet up with them and see their product range.

If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Your sincerely










Why Choose Us

stools-thWhy choose us? Because we  have  the manufacturing capabilities to create new, or modify existing  items, with the  client involved in the process. Many of these items are varied in their uses and can be viewed in our specialised furniture category.

Why choose us? Because you can personalise your furniture by selecting from our range of optional seats, backs, and arms as well as from a comprehensive range of fabrics, vinyl, and powder coats to enhance the comfort and appearance on our seating.

Why choose us? Because we can  refurbish and reupholster  most items including those made by other manufacturers. This provides you with a new look item at a fraction of the replacement cost. Our own products are made to last which makes them well suited to this life prolonging service.

Why choose us? Because we also  offer a powder coat  painting service for steel items, provided they are of a dimension compatible with our painting unit.

Why choose us? Because our products are crafted with care and pride, and attention to detail and finish. We believe that while our prices are competitive initial price is soon forgotten, but good value is long lasting.

Why choose us? Because our design and quality of furniture means that in the event of a substantial earthquake our furniture would provide protection and could possibly be lifesaving.

Why choose us? Because we are committed to excellence in our products and in our personal service .If we fall short in either of these areas we will make every possible endeavour to put it right!

Why choose us? Because the Warranty on our products is a minimum of TEN YEARS unless otherwise stated. This covers against faulty workmanship or parts but not against scratching, fair wear and tear or fading.

We have every confidence that our products will well outlast the period of Warranty.

Products not manufactured by, but sold by Willgraemes carry the manufacturers’ warranty.


Willgraeme Products Ltd are a 100% New Zealand owned company based In  Wanganui.

We manufacture high quality tubular steel furniture for the domestic and commercial markets and have been in business for more than 60 years.

We specialise in chairs , tables, stools, bar leaners,  tables and  desks, settees and tubs, church and chapel pews and benches. All are suited to the commercial and domestic markets, as well as to the Health and Medical sector.

Willgraeme Ltd
129 London St,
PO Box 7016, Wanganui

Phone: (06) 345 7013
Fax: (06) 345 8428